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We are in the competitive era where we can’t afford and risk playing hit-and-miss games. We need win-win solutions throughout our operations. Online retail business has become trickier and tougher with time. You have an e-commerce website; it must succeed, no matter what! It is about your company goodwill, business, sales and profits. Now, let us ponder over some success tips and pointers so that you can add them in your website for current success and future business growth.


Crisp, clean and clear! Bold layout, attractive style and shrewd design works today. Make your site a clean and bright view for your visitors so that they have a good shopping experience. Be simple enough to only represent your business in such a way that it successfully attracts your target market. Have easy navigation and quick loading time to facilitate your visitors with every step and page. Use the layout, design and colors in a striking fashion which represents business and also attracts customers. Use various combinations suiting your business such as graphical shapes, bold or bright colors, illustration styles, intricate patterns. Work with background; make it such that it highlights your layout and content.

User-friendly Layout

Give your visitors a neat and clean shopping process. Do not make it complex. Just add simple procedures, easy to understand in a user-friendly way. Explain your policies like billing, privacy and return. Clearly describe your shipping rates and various options. Place these tabs in prominent position to catch the audience attention quickly such as bottom navigation area.

Social media

You own an e-commerce website, but do not forget social media branding. This is important. Promote and market your brand on social networks. Keep your brand updated on Facebook, Instagram and other sites and try to gain followers and attract more customers with your attractive posts.

Audience Engagement

Your visitor has dedicated his time on your site; engage him with your offers. Lavishly display what you offer in attractive layouts, various promotional offerings such as sales, discount, etc. Immerse the customers with interactive and pleasant shopping experience. Create an interactive home page where customers know what your next move is. Have an effective display to lead customers to important pages and tabs.

E-commerce optimization

Dedicate your various site pages to customer testimonials, feedbacks and press reviews. Create effective SEO (search engine optimization) and work efficiently.
Turn your audience into current customers to generate more sales and revenues. Display your independent approach with a creative and distinctive style.

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If you suppose that the entire business activities and operations is an iceberg then the brand identification is only its symbol. The brand logo design, business identity and the marketing have different roles; yet they are perceived as one because they as individual elements or when combined create a certain business image in the market.
Brand is the perceived emotional corporate image whereas identity is the visual aspect and the logo is the business identity. Branding shapes your business personality and creates a positive perception on the audience. It is up to your targeted audience how they perceive and what the view they hold about the corporate image you represent in the market.
The business identity includes the brand logo, the products and services, communication, customer support and the entire marketing collateral. All these elements support the business identity and give the brand a strong, corporate recognition. Logo creates identification for your business in the market. It represents your brand via mark, symbol, flag or signature. It only narrates the business core concept and tells what the business means, not explains it. It is important for you to create the right logo for your business for it is:
The tip of the iceberg
The entire marketing, branding and promotional activities are unseen by the customers. What they view is your brand logo and therefore when you design something which reflects your business then you are giving the marketing collateral and business activities a strong push and boost towards progress and growth.
Trust building symbolism
Yes, logo builds trust. A corporate logo designed by professionals and industry experts build a trust factor of the target customers on the business. They rely and build customer trust and loyalty with the brand. When the logo is designed with quality and techniques of pulling the customers towards the brand, then the company easily claims delivery of promising quality products and services.
What your business needs to do?
Your business needs to hire the professional logo design services to give the brand identity the relevant and appropriate look and feel. The professionally crafted design is unique, creative, inspirational, simple and attractive. It is thus, important for your business to go for the feasible and appealing designs from 10alogo. This company not only offers unique and inspirational concepts, pulling the target audience in and reflecting the true business essence but also gives you professional services which are easy on your pocket.


It’s the new years! And it’s time for you to wrap up your website with a professional yet trendy look.


offers a special new year’s sale of up to 60 % off for all its clients in new Zealand and throughout the globe.
Times have changed everything that is online has value; there are people with online virtue marts in the form of e commerce websites. Otherwise every business from whatever industry possible has an online presence because without one you are not going to be recognized as being professional.  And we offer completely professional online solutions for your business and brands to flourish on the World Wide Web.   Now there is a difference of having a website and having a professional website, and you should be aware of these differences.  A professional website is the one that is trendy, interactive, gives you the information you need and has a contacting option. Hence you must have a designer to do the proper design layout of your website while it is getting developed, having an appealing logo is necessary to keep your clients and audience engaged, it should attach the viewers with your  brand, it should be done in an efficient way to get your target audience’s attention.
Our team of developers and designers at


focus on we focus on every aspect related to concepts, graphics and colors while designing a logo or web layout for you, this is done so that we can provide a logo design that reflects your brand or services in the MOST effective way.  Throughout the years we’ve developed some systems and strategies to ensure our creativity.  We are all well aware of the scope and importance that internet marketing and other mediums of marketing hold in our lives, that is why our main target is to create a professional logo design for all our clients.  Our design concepts are extremely effective and they instill a sense of trust and reliability in your customers mind and all this designing is done at a very reasonable price. So don’t waste your time browsing through other websites, use our 60 % discount offer and get a perfect logo design crafted! Look great and shine bright with


Over the past few years, we have encountered a sharp increase in employment and growth of graphic designing industry. According to a research report by IBIS World, Graphic Designers in the US has generated revenue about $11billion, giving employment to 141,783 designers in the FY2009-2014. However, in the global graphic designers’ data it is mentioned that about $54billion revenues generated FY09-14 with 2.3 percent growth in the sector and employed about 500,000 people, IBIS World.
The rising trend and more focus of young graphic designers have given a lot of opportunities in this industry. Even, a large number of businesses are demanding unique logo designs for their brands which have put emphasis on the creation of logo designs.
In order to help you out, in making the right choice, in this article we have come up with a list of fifteen most important factors that one should take into account before purchasing or hiring the services of an affordable logo design company. These are:
1. Custom Logo Designs: The best logo design service providers must be capable of producing custom built logos as per customer specifications and requirements.
2. Affordable Prices: The most affordable logo design companies are those who engaged in delivering the value and quality products at affordable prices.
3. Delivery Time: A really good designing company delivers logo designs within promised time period.
4. Discount Offers: Company that offers distinct discount offers to help customers get a logo for their business at discounted price.
5. Packages: A good logo design company has well managed packages as per their target audience needs.
6. 100% Money Back Guarantee: Most of the logo design companies are offering 100% money back guarantee but only few fulfill their promise. Do read companies refund policy first before getting the services.
7. 100% Unique Concept: By looking at the designing company portfolio you can judge a company whether they are producing unique and original designs and concepts or our engaged in copying other logos.
8. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We firmly believe that only that company gives you 100% satisfaction when it is able to deliver your best logo designs within promised delivery time. During discount offers you can judge a company in better way whether it is capable of providing you 100% satisfaction or not.
9. Quality and Value Provided: Only affordable price offering companies can help you out as they charge fair price for their services.
10. Size and Quality of Portfolio: A really good company can be identified by looking at the size and quality of portfolio and samples available.
11. Website Responsiveness: The responsive website design, easy navigation and user friendly outlook of will allow users to place an order.
12. Ordering Process: Simple and convenient ordering process helps customers to easily place an order. Smooth functionality of ordering system is crucial in taking more orders.
13. Number of Initial Concepts Offered: Keep in mind that a good company offer initial logo design concepts and then give revisions so that you can get your preferred design.
14. Contact Facilities: Really good companies always mention complete contact details and provide facilities so that they can be contacted any time via telephone call, Skype call, email or live chat.
15. Compliance with industry standards: Hire services of those entities who are mentioning industry compliance and certifications details are worth to get orders.
With so many businesses engaged in creative designing industry have provided proper channels for businesses to get designed their stuff for marketing purpose like logo designs, website designs, stationery, banners and brochures. There are thousands of graphic designing companies specifically logo designing companies have merged in past few years, giving more intense competition in the market. However, there are very few who are popular for their names, quality services, creative designs and proper business transactions channels. In this article we have reviewed top 10 logo design companies in the year 2015 based on their past performances, unique selling propositions, price and packages, key features and the best value providing services. The top 10 most affordable logo design companies’ summary is given below:

Summary of Top 10 Most Affordable Logo Design Companies 2015

1. 10 a Logo
10 a logo provide custom logo design at $10. The company have noteworthy portfolio, simple ordering process and have thousands of happy clients worldwide. You can contact 10 a Logo through phone call, live chat, email and Skype call. The company promise 100% money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
However, the company only provides 1 concept in $10; they do not have proper packages and will provide design in jpeg file format only. Furthermore if client’s needs files in source format like .Psd or .Ai they have to pay $10 more as admin and storage fee. 10 a logo do not offer 24/7 customer support service and have not provided delivery time on their site.
Special Offer: No special discount offer available
Rating: 1
2. Logo Online Pros
LogoOnlinePros is having over 7 years of experience, designed 10,000 plus logos and served more than 700 customers offering affordable basic package at $39. The company has a very good portfolio, provide files in web ready formats and offer money back guarantee. The ordering process is too simple and convenient for users to place order. The company provides 24/7 customer support, 100% satisfaction and on time delivery of logo designs to customers. You can contact LogoOnlinePros with the help of phone call, live chat and email. It offers only three custom made packages to customers.
Discount Offer: Get 60% off
Rating: 1
3. Logoinn
Logoinn is another logo design company who is offering affordable and custom logo designs at a fixed cost $25 (basic package cost). The company has in house designers who engaged in creating industry specific logos that are compliance with W3C standards and ISO Certified. They have inspiring logo design portfolio.
Logoinn offers 24/7 support services, industry specific designers and contact via live chat, email, Skype call and phone. Get 100% money back guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee and 100% unique design guarantee with the logo design package. Logoinn provide eight logo designs packages with free 1 round of revisions, all at cheap prices.
However, the company offer redesign special package that comprised of only one logo concept. The overall website is cluttered and the ordering process is difficult.
Discount Offer: Get up to 60% Discount
Rating: 1
4. Craftive
Craftive also offer basic logo design for $25, has created 5000 logo designs, served 5 million customers from 40 different industries. The company is an award winning entity holds a healthy logo design portfolio and possesses 6 years of unimpeachable experience. You can contact Craftive via live chat, email and phone 24/7. The company offers 100% money back guarantee. Craftive provide eight logo designs packages at very low prices. The company also offers free of cost logo design in distinct file formats like Jpeg, Psd, Ai, GIFF, EPS, grey scale format and different color options.
Craftive special logo design package offer only one unique logo concept and the company offer 100% money back guarantee.
Discount Offer: Get 75% Discount
Rating: 1
5. OneLogoDesign
One Logo Design provides custom built and industry specific logo designs; the basic package starts at $24. The company has produced more than 40,000 logos with over 8 years of industry experience and holds a team of 100 plus designers. The company ordering process is easy and convenient to use. It also provides 24/7 customer service and can be contacted via live chat, email and phone call. There is very generous 100% money back guarantee, 100% unique design guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee. The prices are affordable and deliver logo designs within two working days. OneLogoDesign offers five different logo design packages that suits your budget. However the basic package offer only one logo concept.
Discount Offer: Get 70% Discount
Rating: 1
6. Infinity Logo Design
Infinity Logo Design is online designing company who has served more than 30,000 businesses, has over 7 years of experience and served more than 43 industries worldwide. The company offer custom and award winning logo designs at affordable prices. Infinity Logo Design holds exclusive portfolio and have comfortable ordering process. The basic package cost $45 that is little high but they offer free file formats like EPS, Ai, GIF, JPEG, PSD, color options and grayscale format files.
The company greatest assets is 24/7 design consultancy, industry specific designers and contact customer services via live chat, email and phone. There is 100% money back guarantee and offer logo design at affordable price that guaranteed satisfaction. Infinity Logo Design offers six logo designs packages at a very wallet-friendly price. On the other hand company offer only one unique logo concept at $45 and haven’t mentioned delivery time.
Discount Offer: Get 70% Discount
7. Affordable Logo Design US
Affordable logo design US offers logo design packages starting with $45. Company has a good portfolio and has satisfied more than 1500 customers. It provides post project support, 6 initial concepts, unlimited revisions and give clients full copyright ownership. Final logo files sent through email and no additional charges for other file formats.
Affordable Logo Design US can be contacted by filling the contact us form on website and will get a respond via email within 24hours. 100% satisfaction guaranteed and 100% money back guaranteed. The company provides only three logo designs packages at a low cost.
On the other hand company hasn’t mentioned delivery time and website is tangled. Even the ordering process is little difficult and company do not offer 24/7 customer support.
Discount Offer: No Discount offer
8. LogoDesignBuzz
LogoDesignBuzz is a logo design company offering custom designs and the package starts from $47. Its portfolio is small in size and has simple logos in it. In starter package they offer 2 initial concepts, unlimited revisions and deliver in 2 working days. The company offer 24/7 customer support and can be contacted by filling their contact us form and also through phone calls and email. The company promise 100% money back guarantee, 100% unique concept, 100% quality assurance and 100% satisfaction guarantee. It provides four logo designs packages at reasonable price. However, company does not have an effective ordering process.
Discount Offer: No Discount offer
9. Logo Need
Logo Need is a logo design company engaged in offering packages starting from $49. It has simple ordering process and good portfolio. In basic package they are offering 2 initial concepts, 4 revisions and delivery in 3 to 5 business days that is quite high when we compare with other logo designing companies. The company has designed logos of more than 30 industries and has served over 7500 satisfied clients. It also delivers files in print and web ready formats. You can contact Logo Need through email and live chat only. The company gives 100% satisfaction guaranteed, 100% unique concept and provides only three logo designs packages at reasonable price.
On the other hand, Logo Need does not provide 24/7 customer support and no telephone call facility is provided. You can contact the company via email or by sending message by filling the form on their contact page.
Discount Offer: No Discount offer
Rating: 1
10. Logo Divine
Logo Divine is logo design service provider whose basic package starts from $49 which little high with companies offering affordable logos in the industry. The company offers 100% money-back guarantee and 100% satisfaction guarantee with their package. It delivers file in multiple formats like AI, EPS, JPEG, GIF, TIFF and others with full copyright. The company offers four logo design packages. One can contact via Skype/Live. No phone details are provided. The delivery time is 72 hours/ 3 days. Logo Divine does not provide round the clock customer support and their ordering system is simple to be used.
Discount Offer: No Discount offer
Rating: 1

Conclusion of the top most affordable logo design companies

Selecting a perfect company for your business logo designs creation is a difficult task. We hope that we have given you enough information to make a well informed decision. If you wanted to avail the services of high class logo design companies and are willing to pay high amount than feel free to contact us or leave comment so that we can deliver you with the right information that will help you in making proper decisions and save cost.


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Research Proposal Writing for Research Pape Writing

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